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With a rustic charm and a sophisticated attitude, the Fitz and Floyd Bristol Cachepot bring home traditional style in a charming blue and white color palette. Our Cachepot makes a lovely home for your kitchen herbs or seasonal flowers, and is adorned with graceful botanical pattern and raised accents. Specifications are: Height: 7-inches x Width: 10 1/2-inches with a capacity of 4 quarts and 16 ounces. Hand Wash Recommended – Not for use in Microwave. Fitz and Floyd tableware heirlooms are designed with elegant gift-giving in mind; our new Bristol Indigo showcases a timeless seasonal look and feel. For the past 50 years, Fitz and Floyd have evolved into the undisputed leader in the design and manufacture of hand-painted ceramic giftware, dinnerware, tableware, decorative accessories and collectibles. From the drawing board to the sculpting wheel and the kiln, all Fitz and Floyd products are distinctly designed and hand-crafted by skilled Fitz and Floyd artisans numbering nearly 500 new designs each year. Whether it’s a tea service for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Presidential dinnerware for The White House, a holiday centerpiece for your table, or a first set of dinnerware for your apartment or dorm room, each and every Fitz and Floyd product receives the same discerning attention to meticulous craftsmanship and exquisite detail. Fitz and Floyd: elegant, occasionally whimsical, and always a prized and treasured gift.

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