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Ballin’ on a Budget with the OG

The Honor OG grow bag was designed to grow the perfect cannabis plant by making it all about the roots. The bigger and healthier the root system, the bigger and healthier the plant. They are perfect for first time growers thinking about adopting a new hobby or established growers who want to upgrade their current grow operation on a budget. Our OG grow bags were designed FGBG (for growers by growers) utilizing the core principles of strong root system development: healthy, deep breathable soil that can hold adequate moisture and nutrients. The sturdy construction of our OG grow bags puts the focus where it needs to be – taking care of your cannabis plants versus stressing over the condition of your grow bags.

— Features rigid, thick, and breathable Tree Huggin’ Root Lovin’ Natural Felt Fabric – these stand up to the elements of any grow operation

— Sewn with Tough UV Resistent Marine Grade Thread utilizing the Infinity Loop Stitch – this ensures they stand the test of time

— Colorful handles are strategically sewn from the bottom of the bag to the top of the bag, guaranteeing:
* They withstand the weight of soil + water to make it easy to move the plants around your grow room
* They allow you to assess the amount of water in each plant’s bag by picking them up

— The Honor Patch was intentionally designed to be white and to show discoloration as you water allowing you to see nutrient concentration

— 5 gallon measures 12 inches wide X 10 inches tall (1130 cubic inches), ideal for growing with a soil based grow medium in a a closet, corner of a bedroom or grow cabinet

4 Sizes to Choose from! From Closet to Living soil! All tested in legal home cannabis grow rooms.

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